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We are looking for someone who will cooperate with activities to make comic books like "comic books" "story and punchy firm comic strip" into another mainstream of comic strips!

2018-11-06 09:59:23 UTC

board image I will read the hot thoughts of everyone who is going to give us a lovely comedy, "I am ready to say," If you are coming like this comic book comedy "" Story and Punch Firmly Comedy ", another one of the comic characters It seems to me that the activity to mainstream will be successful ". The comic characters change shape according to the times. Even now comic strips will change shape. It may be obsolete. It is us who can make a flow for becoming another mainstream of a comic artist, "Beautiful story and punishment comedy" by leading! Why do not you join us? We are looking for collaborators! Please see note for details.

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いとこい漫才のような「ストーリーやオチがしっかりとした漫才」を,漫才のもう一つの主流にする活動にご協力してくださる方を探しています!|藤澤俊輔 (漫才作家/オチ屋)|note



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