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How to establish "a comic style that can only be done by themselves"

2018-10-12 10:51:13 UTC

board image The liver of a comic is "Relationship between two persons in self". A comic is different from a contrast, it is more important to express "ourselves" than "acting". "You" is already a unique existence, "You two people" is still a unique existence. Since it is comedy to be born based on such a unique conversation between two people, it is always possible to establish "a comic style that only two people can do". If you can even "sublimate" the relationship between self and self in a elementary man ... ... Table of Contents ● Chapter 1 Construction of a comic style · Common points between Hamakaun and Knights and black mayonnaise · "stray" Why do you do it? · What is the relation between the two people? · When the image of a manga does not come up · People who are facing towards the control ● Chapter 2 story making · How to make the most ideal neta · Do not care about the role of "Bokage" and "Tsukkomi" · Where is the "idea" of a unique neta born? · Refining Sophistication for comicing ordinary conversation · "Completion" There is no · comic restoring ability "the power to restore the script to a comic dialogue" · reason why it can not be successfully done ● the third chapter 3 comic practice law · it is boring if it is done on the script main street · person who enjoyed "neta matching" of the award race Is good · How to draw out the partner's taste · Feeling "I want to laugh at the other side" ● Afterword · comic unbounded

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