Fujisawa Shunsuke Fujisawa Shunsuke (Manzai Writer)
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Short Stories

[Odori Koishi Konbashi] Boiled beans

Ikuji: Yumesu Ichigo · Wispy Koishi Tousensi: Me, hey I like boiled beans Ikoi: You do not want to eat boiled beans: The coffee shortage has occurred sunny days: "Boiled beans shortage". Too much to eat: boiled beans Increasingly thought I planted it Wako: I'd sow seeds: Boiled boiled beans: Why did you sow boiled beans? It is a waste. Even just a shortage of boiled beans is something like: What should you sow? This: seeds and so on. Seeds of beans: When sowing and sowing water, it grows up, boiled beans grow on it: even if it is cooked, boiled beans grow thick: no water. Hot hot water https://note.mu/fujisawatrio/n/n638883ed311b

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