Fujisawa Shunsuke Fujisawa Shunsuke (Manzai Writer)
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Short Stories

[Odori Koishi Konboshi] allegation

Writing: Yumeji-cho, Ichigo Koji: Where have you been yesterday? Ichinoshi: In the advertisement of our comic books, it's not easy to go around: in that heavy rain: it will rain around if it rains Wako: Your daughter-in-law is wrong, "It was not wet at all when I came back I was saying. Try to be honest from anger. Where have you been going around? I: Do you suspect me? Yesterday I rode from the first train station at Osaki station, circling round and round all day, advertising comic books on the train ... Ah! I got around inside https://note.mu/fujisawatrio/n/ndb06ebf741c2

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